Chris Brown And Rihanna Still Friends

Chris Brown And Rihanna Still Friends

The R&B stars just hangout and touch each other affectionately.

Despite photo evidence (some horsing around in a pool, possibly grab-assing) and common sense, Chris Brown and Rihanna still claim to be ‘just friends’ or ‘solomente amigos.’ Brown performed at a Nickelodeon event (the Kids’ Choice Awards) and told the AP that "We're not in a relationship or anything.” Hmm, if he’s not in a relationship then why did he say ‘we’? Answer us that, hot shot? A single dude would have said ‘I am not in a relationship or anything.’ Sounds like someone has something to hide.

And furthermore, we’re really starting to lose patience with people denying relationships. It’s one thing to be secretive but once you’re caught red-handed it’s time to give it up, man. Don’t get us wrong, Chris Brown and Rihanna are pretty big stars but we’re almost positive that you have to be Jay-Z/ Beyonce famous to keep pulling this sh*t (side note: have Jigga and Beyonce admitted that they’re more than friends?) And if they do admit that they’re dating later the press (and, more importantly, the public) don’t get an apology or nothing. Well, we just hope that they’re happy, even if they are lying to us about something that is A) blatantly obvious and B) none of our business. And that goes double for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie not getting married in a secret New Orleans wedding. This is not the first high profile romance rumor that Rihanna has dealt with. There was some hubbub about make-out session with Josh Hartnett that led some people to believe that they were an item.

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