Documentary On Heather Mills Love Life

Documentary On Heather Mills Love Life

A tell-all show featuring Mills' exes could be pretty awful.

A show is coming out called McCartney v. McCartney: The Ex-Files. The documentary is basically a series of interviews with Heather Mills’ former boyfriends and a general chronicle of what she was doing before she met Sir Paul. The shows executive producer, Steve Anderson, refers to the show as "the program Sir Paul should have seen before he decided to get married." Bold statement.

The program’s researchers evidently did a whole lot of digging and some of their discoveries are not going to very pleasant for Ms. Mills. We never thought we’d say this, but is it maybe time to call off the dogs a little and let her sink into obscurity? We suppose 50 million bucks will probably provide some level of comfort but we wouldn’t want someone to make a documentary featuring the worst things that our exes could come up with. A mockumentary would be fine. Even a docudrama would be acceptable. But a documentary would be just awful. Hopefully, this will be the last Dish ever on Heather Mills so we thought we’d throw in a great line from The Soup’s Joel McHale (in reference to American Idol’s David Archuleta butchering a Beatles song); ''Congratulations, Yoko Ono, assassins, cancer, and one-legged gold diggers: You're no longer the worst thing to happen to the Beatles.''

So there’s that. Read more about the Mills show at The Chippewa Herald