Why Men Always Think You Want Them

Why Men Always Think You Want Them

It's official. According to a new study, men are clueless.

Specifically when it comes to picking up on nonverbal cues. So if you've ever tried to let a guy down gently, come on to him unsuccessfully, or wondered why he started humping your leg at hello, read on.

The guinea pigs who proved the point were a pool of 280 undergrads who viewed images of women on a computer screen, then were asked to categorize each as "friendly," "sexually interested," "sad," or "rejecting."

According to researchers at the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University, women got the most classifications right. Looking at the men, they noticed that a few patterns emerged: Not only were guys more likely to interpret friendly gestures as sexual overtures, they also did the converse, reading actual come-ons as signs that you "just wanted to be friends." (Call it the Have It Your Way Theorem.)

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But what's a girl to do? Well, you could drag any guy in your sights home by the hair.