Grocery Store Romance Gets Shelved

Grocery Store Romance Gets Shelved

A woman who proposed over the PA has been dumped by text message.

Damn, it was almost too easy. Do you remember the UK grocery store clerk that got engaged over the store’s PA? Yeah, it kind of sounded like it would be the climax of a Reese Witherspoon movie, right? Well, every-thing's not so peachy in candy land (and that is what we call an inapt mixed metaphor). Not surprisingly, the whole deal has gone pear-shaped. The bloke that she proposed to, Anthony Needham, has basically had enough. He informed her, via SMS, to pick up her belongings from his home. And has thus quit her. She'll be taking some time off from work to recover.

Not to kill the romance, but this was probably a good idea. They’d only been dating for like 10 weeks when she proposed. And she already had his name tatted on her arm. This could have gotten even weirder fast. Although, there’s a die-hard romantic in us that wants every story like this to end with “Up Where We Belong” playing and Richard Gere carrying Debra Winger out of her factory. Hopefully, the movie version of this scenario ends with him saying ‘yes’ (rather than being torn apart by an angry crowd) and not with a bunny being boiled.

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