Aniston + O Bloom & Too Many Marios

Aniston + O Bloom & Too Many Marios

The NY Post was full of juicy stuff today, Mario Lopez & Jen Aniston news.

While we were checking out Hideki Matsui’s mystery bride, we bumped into a few more good quick hits on the New York Post:

1: Even though we like to get tough and promise no more Jennifer Aniston gossip until we get something concrete, we liked this one anyway. Word on the street is that Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom are hanging out a bit. Or ‘Love (is) in bloom’ as the Post put it. Weren’t these two linked back in May but it fizzled? Why doesn’t she just join a church or cult that finds someone for her?

2: It appears that Dancing With The Stars star Karina Smirnoff (no relation to Yakov Smirnoff, in Russian you don't dance with stars, stars dance with you!) has forgotten which Mario she’s dating. She was supposedly with her former dance-mate Mario Lopez (AC Slater) but was seen ‘canoodling’ with R&B singer Mario. Someone has some explaining to do. And if she’s caught with Mario Mario (Luigi’s brother) it could get ugly. We’re sure that Mario Lopez and Mario (the singer) would settle things gentlemanly with a dance-off but Mario Mario plays for keeps. He’d come stacked with invincibility stars and fireballs galore. The Post’s title for this bit was ‘Three to tango’ so we thought it could fit with our brand’s whole dance motif.