Technosexuality And Robo Girlfriends

robot illustration

A tech site interviewed a man who built his own girlfriends.

Gizmodo (sister site to snarkmasters such as Gawker, Defamer, and Jezebel) did an in depth and surprisingly nice interview with a man that likes to build robots then make sweet love to them. This guy is a pioneer in the field of technosexuality. And his name is Zoltan.

Zoltan is an educator and a visionary, really. His goal is educate people about technosexuals and to teach technosexuals how to build robotic f*ck buddies. For what it’s worth, Zoltan is slightly ahead of his time in terms of robotic copulation. A scientist named David Levy predicted (re: hoped) sex and marriage between robots and people in the future. We should be careful about giving them full marriage rights, that could lead to the downfall of organic marriage. Anyway, have a read from Gizmodo, it’s interesting and not mean. Seriously, if they can build our cars and stop the Decepticons from stealing all of our energy, we owe them a chance. But keep in mind some robots live off of the medication of elderly people, and it's hard to get away from them because they're very strong and made of metal. Check out Zoltan's site too.