Kimora & Russell To Finally Divorce

russell simmons and kimora lee simmons

Though they’ve been separated since some time in 2006, Kimora Lee Simmons has finally decided to jump ship for good from the Def Jam express. We’re guessing that she’s comfy enough with her sitch with Djimon Hounsou that she can leave hip-hop royalty behind. As far as the divorce goes, she sited irreconcilable differences, which can mean a lot of things. Sometimes (for guys) it means you’re tire of f*cking that person. For ladies it sometimes means that you’ve heard and seen everything cool that your guy is going to do and you’re not that impressed (see Robin Williams’ divorce).

As part of the divorce, Kimora requested that Russell Simmons have reasonable child visits with supervision. Wow. Thems fightin’ words. The guy does yoga for Pete’s sake. Sure, he could probably beat up and outsmart most of the other execs in music but who gives a doodle. In our estimation, a lot of these supervised visitation requests are just an opening salvo in a settlement battle. It’s a lawyer’s way of accusing the other person of being dangerous with the implication that you’ll need more money to raise the kids and should probably get a bigger cut for putting up with various shenanigans during the marriage. If this gets ugly, we like Simmons in a fight. We’ve read estimates that he’s worth between $325 and $500 million (depending on who you believe), so a lot’s at stake. We’re wondering if going against a beloved figure ever discourages divorcees from pressing for everything they can get? It pretty much backfired on a certain one-legged model.

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