Divorce Rate On The Rise In UK

Divorce Rate On The Rise In UK

Almost 50% of British folks will get divorced in their lives.

One of us, one of us. The stat that everyone throws out is that half of American marriages end in divorce and about a third of UK marriages end in divorce. But a new study by the Office Of National Statistics shows that only 10% of marriages will make it to the 60th anniversary. Of the 90% that don’t go the full 60, half of them will end in death. That leaves a whopping 45% of UK marriages that will end in divorce.

This is, obviously, in addition to the fact that fewer British people are getting married. And some alarmist statistics show that greater than 50% of British babies are born out of wedlock. So much for that vaunted stiff upper lip. The changing face of British primary relationships is surely going to come across Lou Dobbs’ desk one of these days and will lead to the middle class champion doing a special entitled ‘The British: Are They More Like Us Or The French?' We suppose it would be irresponsible to blame this on Heather Mills.

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