Robin Williams To Divorce

Robin Williams To Divorce

The manic comedian's 19-year marriage is coming to a close.

According to everyone, but the San Francisco Gate in particular, Robin Williams and his wife, Marsha Garces Williams, are uncoupling. The two have been married since 1989. She was the nanny of his son from his first marriage. The role evolved into a personal assistant, then wife and co-producer. Well, that should be a lesson, it never works out with the nanny (Ethan Hawke, please take note).

Looking at his IMDB list, there was not an immediate, appreciable drop off in work quality. Hits before Marsha: Mork & Mindy, The World According To Garp, Good Morning Vietnam, and Dead Poets Society. During Marsha: Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, And Good Will Hunting. Or not. We’re guessing that the post-Marsha era will include more August Rush-style hits.

But what went wrong? The divorce filing sites ‘irreconcilable differences’ which is code for ‘sick of his shit.’ We’re guessing that those impressions, while hilarious in Good Morning Vietnam, get very, very old. “Great. He’s doing the jive talking black man and segueing into the gay interior decorator who gets into an argument with Gomer Pile who then goes into a diatribe about missing weapons of mass destruction. It’s a friggin laugh a minute over here.”