Sarkozy Ex-Wife Married

Sarkozy Ex-Wife Married

Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz has gotten married in New York.

Take that Carla Bruni! You may have gotten sweet Nicolas away from her, but Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz (formerly Cecilia Sarkozy) wed in NYC on March 23rd. According to Reuters, the former French First Lady married Richard Attias (a PR exec 2 years her junior) after a 3-day wedding extravaganza including a trip to the musical Mamma Mia, which is about a wedding. Clearly she is over her last marriage and not just getting hitched to some random dude out of boredom, revenge, or loneliness.

We wonder if she’s going to take any steps to make sure that some model/ singer doesn’t swoop in and steal Richard Attias away from her. She didn’t take to the old ‘marry someone totally unattractive’ route. And she doesn’t appear to have a shock collar of any sort on him. Maybe she worked some subliminal messaging into their viewing of Mamma Mia… “Hon, did the Dancing Queen just say she would cut my head off if I cheat?”

Congratulations to these 2 lovebirds, most rebound marriages last a long time.

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