Oxfam Pimps Out: Kristin Davis

Oxfam Pimps Out: Kristin Davis

The anti-poverty charity has sold another star for big bucks.

Good effort on Kristin Davis’ part. Counter a sex tape scandal with a little legalized prostitution for charity. As we’ve mentioned before, Oxfam knows how to raise cash by selling celebrity flesh. They’ve already moved Colin Firth for like $9,300 (“I hate Uncle Jamie!”) and they’ve moved ScarJo for $40,100 (“No one has ever asked for their money back”). So now the anti-poverty Oxfam (note: they are against poverty in general but generally like poor people) have managed to slang Kristin Davis and a trip to the Sex And The City (SATC) premier for $52,000 to a Japanese woman.

We’re pretty excited that the Japanese people still think that American culture is awesome. We pretty much thought that scene jumped the shark (do people still say that?) when Lost In Translation came out. “The Americans continue to mock us despite our adoration. Screw them, we’re playing cricket now and letting Godzilla eat everything Elvis-related.” Look, $52,000 is a whole lot of kablingy for a movie date. But we’re guessing that there are some stars out there that could earn much more than that. We’re guessing that Sarah Jessica Parker (even after the Maxim fiasco) could earn more than that for a SATC premier. And Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie, forget about it. Hundreds of thousands for a night with them and a ticket to a Mr. And Mrs. Smith sequel is our guesstimate.

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