Divorce Is Official For Johnny Knoxville

Divorce Is Official For Johnny Knoxville

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Philip John Clapp is now free to terrorize Hollywood’s finest ladies. You may know Mr. Clapp better as Johnny Knoxville. You may know him as the co-star of The Dukes Of Hazzard or you may know him as the ball-striking, scatological madman from Jackass. Knoxville and his now-ex, Melanie Lynn Clapp, have been separated since July of 2006. He’s agreed to pay an undisclosed amount of child support.

Knoxville may have seen how well Dane Cookand Dax Sheppard were doing for themselves lady-wise and decided to get in on the action. We wonder if he’s going to cut back on getting his junk mashed now that he’s a free man. But we’re guessing now that he doesn’t have a wife to embarrass that he’ll really be able to do some humiliating things to make idiots laugh (note: we're big fans). It’s been a pretty ugly stretch for the Jackassgang; Don Vito Margera is on 10 years of probation (for some bad stuff), Steve-O is in alcohol rehab, and Johnny is divorced and almost lost a nut recently. The good news is that Knoxville may be the new pitchman for Microsoft. That’s a good idea. He could thump Mac’s Justin Long. Too bad that Jessica Simpson is on the Tony Romo express, she’d probably be impressed by a computer guy.

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