UK: Sperm Of Dead Hubby Still Potent

UK: Sperm Of Dead Hubby Still Potent

Pregnant women pick up secret powers via hormones.

A woman in the United Kingdom had a good life: a loving husband and a young child. Unfortunately, the husband caught cancer and died a short while later. But he loved kids a whole lot. So, before dying they had some of his semen frozen in case she wanted to try later. A couple of years after his death, Lisa Roberts used her husbands James’ sperm to knock herself up. She spent the grand total of their savings on IVF to do so and tried for two years. The IVF only had about a 1 in 5 chance of working but produced a miracle daughter whom Mrs. Roberts named Jamie-Rose, in part after her posthumous father.

Heartstrings have officially been tugged. This is going to be a serious challenge to men who are having a hard time getting their wives pregnant. “Yeah, well Lisa got pregnant without a man, you need to step it up.” Our advice? Put Sade’s “This Is No Ordinary Love” on repeat and just let the magic happen.

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