Who Is Katy Tur?

Who Is Katy Tur?

Rumor has it that TV guy Keith Olbermann helped his girlf get a sweet gig.

How about this? How about you don’t worry about who Katy Tur is or how she got her job? Just know that she’s very good friends with The Best Person In America and leave it at that, OK?

The New York Post’s Page Six (the only Page Six, as it were) is reporting that Katy Tur is getting a jobby at CW11. For those of you not in the NY-area, the CW11 is the awesomest local station ever. Their morning and evening news programs are top-notch, son. You may know the CW as that station that plays Moesha and Gossip Girl. But New York residents know if for its local news with spunky anchors, zany on-the-scene guys, and a very special, problem solving man. If we lived in Des Moines, Iowa we’d check out the local guys there but we’d have satellite so we don’t miss John, Suki, Linda, Larry, and the rest of the morning crew.

So, this Katy Tur supposedly got a foot in the door with the help of her boyf Keith Olbermann. You may know Keith Olbermann as a guy that gets really upset on television. But we remember him as one half of the greatest sports highlight crew of all time. Is there that much difference between political commentary and sports highlights? It’s all sound bytes and hyperbole, right? So what if Olbermann helped Katy Tur a little. That’s how it goes. We know that if she doesn’t have it, that the CW11 will chew her up and spit her out. That crap may fly in a town like Los Angeles. But they are professionals here. Seriously, what’s the point of dating a successful middle-aged person if it can’t open up a few doors? Or buy a few nice dinners?