Owen Wilson Is Dating Who Now?

Owen Wilson Is Dating Who Now?

Is there a love triangle? Is he back with Kate? What's the deal?

We’ve been hearing too many Owen Wilson rumors and seeing too many photos of him on the beach. He had that thing with Kate Hudson that probably stemmed from their time together on the set of You, Me And Dupree. Then reports had him ‘partying too much’ and they split. Then she was dating Dax Sheppard. Then the unpleasantness, which we will NOT talk about. Then he had a few thingamabobbers with some randoms. And then he’s walking on the beach with Jennifer Aniston. Frankly, we're having too hard of a time separating the fact from fiction with Kate Hudson these days. And it’s all a little too much really. Don't worry, we're not to go kirk out like that weird kid with Britney but let’s just leave him alone for a sec. And just to show our solidarity, we’ll be seeing Drillbit Taylor this weekend and we are going to make love to it. Reread that last sentence.

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