La Lohan Has A Sex Tape Now?

lindsay lohan sex tape

Whoa. A rumor is going ‘round that the Mean Girl, Lindsay Lohan, has a sex tape with old boyfling Calum Best. Supposedly, it was shot with his camera phone and then sent to his buddies. Further rumor suggests that LiLo doesn’t remember the footage being taken. Ooooh. We’ve all been there. You tie on a blackout drunk and only have videos, text messages, and credit card receipts to piece the evening back together. Sometimes you throw away a whole roll of film (or delete your memory) in case there’s something on there that even you don’t want to see.

Though the quality is going to be pretty lousy because of the camera phone, this could help rejuvenate her career a little. The number one rule of leaking a sex tape is that the star of the tape is recognizable. Camera phones and night vision really produced a lower quality project. One of these days, celebrities are probably going to be able to protect their likeness a little better but we suppose that they largely benefit from these tapes, photos, rumors, and innuendo. Kate Moss came out smelling like a rose after the yayo incident, Kim Kardashian got a TV show after the Ray-J event, Paris Hilton made enough money that she could get her family bounced from grandpa Conrad’s will and not worry about it, and Pamela Anderson got a few more years in the sun because of a tape that someone stole from her. Here are some tips on making your own tape.

Read more from The Sun about the possible existence of this vid…

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