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Proposal: Polygamy For The Rich

Proposal: Polygamy For The Rich

A look at our polygamist past and if it would work today.

OK, we’re basically going to mail this one in. Andrew Greeley, a writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, has a tongue-in-cheek proposal to keep rich and powerful dudes out of hot water: polygamy (and polyamory for the rich). How do we know it’s tongue-in-cheek? Because he said so in the article. His premise is that powerful men have been enjoying their status to get tail since the dawn of mankind (indeed-y we’re pretty sure it’s the basis of culture and hard work) and that when everyone (we point the finger at you, society) is on the same page it works out. The only think that’s required is a quick contract and then BLAM everyone's happy and every ass is covered, so to speak.

Read more from Mr. Greeley’s, ugh, immodest proposal at the Chicago Sun-Times


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