No Sex Please, We’re Japanese

sexless japenese marriage

Sex In The Japanese Room" alt="No Sex In The Japanese Room" src="" />Domo arigato… fer nuttin! According to a few surveys here and there, it looks like Japan is the world’s least sexy country. Or perhaps the world’s least sex-having country. Their birth rate is among the lowest in the world and it’s being blamed on the low frequency of intercourse. According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO? The World Health Organization, we thought you knew), 25% of married Japanese couples have not had sex in the last year. And apparently, it gets worse as they get older (which stands to reason).

We read somewhere that the Japanese preproduction rate is a decent distance below the re-population rate. Not good. Though it is a very densely populated archipelago, a little elbowroom might be nice. Is it the popularity of ‘love hotels’ that’s to blame? Is it the lack of affection by Japanese dudes? Is it that that 40% of Japanese couples talk for less than a ½ hour per day? Or is it that they live in a largely homogeneous culture and human beings are sexually programmed to seek out diversity to strengthen further generations? We’ve always heard that the Japanese were mad kinky, maybe it’s something you do with a highly trained professional and not your wife. The government should think about ending sales of Hello Kitty vibrators and see if that helps.

Random fact about Japan: Nokia is actually a Finnish company.

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