Sex In Amsterdam Park Now Acceptable

amsterdam sex park

Fun news. The Dutch (of Netherlands not Pennsylvania) are allowing after dark sex in Amsterdam’s famous Vondelpark. You did not misread that statement. The fornicators (and procreators) have to steer clear of the children’s area and not leave behind condoms (no word on organic detritus). The second part of this decree makes it illegal for pet owners to let their dogs off the leash (ah, the Dutch let the dogs out, mystery solved).

Most people think that these two laws are incongruous, but it makes perfect sense. A frisky puppy could be a serious nuisance to a couple of kids railing on each other. And no one (unless they’re into scatology) wants to roll over into a pile of feces while boning. The police are permitted to eject park patrons if they’re being too disruptive. Which is good because things could really get out of hand. The law states that any gender pairing is acceptable. But this sort of opens the door to soloists (possibly wearing clown makeup) really making everyone uncomfortable. Just watch out for Scouts.

The Vondelpark is an infamous gay cruising locale (have faith, you might meet George Michaels there). And this law is another case of the Dutch giving up on unenforceable policy. They legalized prostitution in 2000 after years of tacitly approving it and decriminalized pot back in 1976. So the Dutch are either good at picking battles or pot-smoking, whoremonger, sex-in-public quitters.

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