In Norway Divorce = Bad Grades

In Norway Divorce = Bad Grades

A study shows that kids make better grades when parents are together.

Just when you thought it was safe to end your marriage (with children) in the great Nordic north of Europe this study comes out. The gist of the study is that kids with stable, not broken homes make better grades. In fact, the study goes further and says that kids with parents that are married (and live together) make better grades than teens whose parents just live together. We have no idea on what scale Norwegian kids are graded but their grade-point averages break down thusly 4.07, 3.88, and 3.66 for parents who are married, cohabiting, and not together, respectively. Hopefully, we can get a US version of this study done soon.

This study was published by the research agency NOVA. And it could probably appear in the journal That’s What I Would Have Though, If I Ever Thought About The Effect Of Divorce On Norwegian Teen’s Grades. And if Norway is anything like the US, bad Norwegian grades have a cascading effect. You get into a bad Norwegian college where you make mediocre Norwegian grades, get a so-so Norwegian job, marry another mildly depressed Norwegian, and get a divorce from them after having Norwegian kids (and so the cycle continues). These little shavers need a good foundation so they can study Henrik Ibsen's plays and Edvard Munch's paintings, and then ski the fjords in their spare time and make fun of Swedes. Sorry, we don’t know that much about Norway outside of the Vikings and equitable welfare system.

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