SATC News: Kristin Davis Sex Tape Rumor

kristin davis sex tape

Oh no, did Charlotte get caught on camera?

This could be the only heterosexual sex tape in the history of sex tapes that actually has more women and gay men looking for it than straight dudes. The Boston Globe is reporting that there may be a Kristin Davis sex tape circulating. You may know Kristin Davis as the lovable (guys, she's the hot one) Charlotte from Sex And The City. We sometimes make the mistake of confusing characters with the actor or actress that plays them. So this would be a pretty big stretch for her TV character but how much do we know about Kristin Davis the person? Not enough, we’ll argue, to say if she would make a sex tape or not. So we’ll have to go on her character from the show. Of the ‘fab four’ we would say that she is the least likely to indulge in a sex tape. It’s like people at nude beaches are typically the least hot or the most European.

Anyway, Davis’s reps said that it was not her in the video, unlike reggae impresario Shaggy, we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt when she says ‘wasn’t me.’ We’re guessing that this tape has as much likelihood as the Brady-Gisele tape and somewhat less than the Gene Simmons tape.

Totally off topic, but how has there not been a Bai Ling sex tape? Didn’t she get kicked out of Star Wars for posing in Playboy? Isn’t the next logical step for that kook a sex tape?