Survey: Scouts Up For Premarital Sex

Survey: Scouts Up For Premarital Sex

Don’t worry yet, Ethan Allen these is European scouts. Anyway, a survey at an international scout convention in Italy showed some pretty pervasive attitudes among scouts. Around 2,500 Scouts and Girl Guides attended the Italian convention and 90% say that they would have sex before marriage. Half of them think adultery ain’t no thang. Half of them would smoke pot if offered while 80% wouldn’t mind getting drunk.

The survey’s results are being contested by the British Scouts Association. They were perhaps surprised that 12% of the lads and 25% of the birds would be up for some gay shenanigans. Which, we figured, was why most scouts join in the first place. We kiiiiiiiid. Evidently, these scouts seem to have more in common with an unruly mob of soccer hooligans than the ideal scout. Is this just more proof that the world is going to hell in a hand basket? Are these middle-of-the-road Samaritans just reflecting the times in which we live? Oh well. We’re going to have to act surprised the next time a Cub Scout tries to sell us E in a Vegas bathroom.

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The whole thing reminds us of this scene from Airplane!...