The Richard Gere Indian Kiss Is Forgiven

The Richard Gere Indian Kiss Is Forgiven

The Supreme Court has let Richard Gere off the hook.

You may remember Richard Gere’s near assault on an Indian actress at an AIDS rally back in April of 2007. And then the Indian judicial system nearly had a stroke. Shilpa Shetty, the actress in question, caught some flak too for her immodesty. Anyway, a court in India has stayed the warrant for his arrest and now he’s free to travel to and from India.

Ha, that’s the oldest trick in the book, “Mr. Gere we want you to travel to Mumbai to receive the greatest living Buddhist award. No, no the Dalai Lama wins every year. We want some fresh blood. Be sure to bring comfortable clothing for incarceration, I mean an award ceremony. Excuse my poor English.” Similar charges against Shetty were dropped long ago too. We wonder if Gere got into the AIDS awareness stuff while researching roles on the purchasing and selling ends of the sex industry in Pretty Woman and American Gigolo, respectively. We’re pretty sure any news is good news for him as long as people drop the gerbil rumor.

It’s kind of interesting that a country with rampant prostitution freaks out about public kissing. Never mind, you’re not supposed to kiss a prostitute. Forget the whole thing.

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