Macca To Pay Heather Mills $50 Million

Macca To Pay Heather Mills $50 Million

The verdict is in and both sides are not really happy with it.

It’s finally over, the divorce of the decade, century, year, millennium, ages, eons, and minute is over. The greatest musician of all time has finally untethered himself from Heather Mills. And it only cost him £24.3 million. They were only married 4 years. By that count, she’s being out-earned by 8 members of the Yankees.

We’re not terribly surprised with the final amount. At one point, he offered about £20 million, and she rejected it. Then she kirked out and canned her legal team. And then there was speculation that it would reach £70 million. But that was rubbish. Then Macca was dating Rosanna Arquette. Then Heather and Sir Paul were back in court for one last stab at a settlement. And then the judge went into seclusion to make a decision. For a long time, there was speculation that this would be the richest contested divorce in the history of England. But that honor still goes to insurance honcho John Charman. His ex-wife got a cool $96 million.

Rumor has it that Paul the Beatle is going to appeal the award. It’s fair to say that this has been a long and winding road… back home.

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