McTwists In The McGreevey Divorce

McTwists In The McGreevey Divorce

An associate of the former NJ gov is making some pretty lurid accusations.

You may remember James McGreevey as that gay guy that admitted to being the governor of New Jersey. We may have that backwards. Anyway, McGreevey’s press conference, in which he admitted his dalliances, was it for his marriage to Dina Matos McGreevey. And now the two are in an ugly divorce battle. And a new twist has hit the case. Their driver alleged that he had several trysts with the couple before McGreevey became governor. Though he claims to only have had intimate contact with then Mrs. McGreevey, he did suspect that Mr. McGreevey may have been gay. Which A) is contrary to Dina’s assertion in her book, Silent Partner, that she was blindsided and B) is probably a fair assumption when you’re having sex with someone’s wife.

The Matos McGreevey side is contending, as part of the divorce, that James McGreevey is guilty of fraud for hiding his sexuality before and during their marriage. Fraud as a reason for divorce is pretty good. Ask Pam Anderson. We’re willing to bet that this is going to get pretty bloody. If we've learned anything from this case (and the Spitzer deal), it’s that it's good policy not to ever do anything that you’re not proud of. It’s going to come back to bite you. Unless you do it in another country and under an assumed name. We’re partial to Mike Honcho and George Fox.

Read more about the McGreevey Divorce at FoxNews.

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