Man Loses $12,000 Ring In Stunt Proposal

Man Loses $12,000 Ring In Stunt Proposal

A man planned on using a balloon to propose but a stiff wind didn't help.

A floor-fitter from Hackney, East London thought he had a pretty slick idea for a proposal. He was going to fit a $12,000 engagement ring into a helium balloon so he could, ugh, literally pop the question. Unfortunately for everyone involved a bit of wind caught hold of the balloon and blew away. This poor shlub attempted to track the balloon by car but to no avail. And, of course, insurance is for suckers. He’s hoping for a miracle both in terms of the jewelry and salvaging his relationship.

We suppose it’s fitting or ironic or convenient that a plan like this came from the town of Hackney. We’re pretty sure that Fox could make a great series along the lines of When Stunt Proposals Go Terribly Wrong. It could have women swallowing rings. Hot-air balloons that catch on fire. A guy’s buddies could do a fake proposal on the jumbotron at a White Sox game. The singing telegram singer could be her ex-boyf. The possibilities are endless. Sure a unique proposal can be memorable but it can totally backfire.

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