Romance vs. Adventure

Romance vs. Adventure

Forget tranquil beaches, today's honeymooners prefer the adrenaline rush.

Remember when people always honeymooned in Hawaii or Bahamas? It was all about gazing into each other's eyes with the backdrop of a tangerine-hued sunset, fancy meals and then endless love-making in a secluded resort.

No more! For the past couple of years, I've noticed that every couple I know who've gotten hitched have indulged in an exhilarating adventure honeymoon. Backpacking through Nepal, African safaris, and frolicking through rocky beaches and waterfalls in India...

I thought the whole intent of a honeymoon was to make your honey moan! By the time a couple got a chance to wind down all that trekking at night, wouldn't sweat and exhaustion extinguish any chance of gettin' busy?

I guess it's not even about that anymore. Couples have done the romantic island vacays while dating, and they want to celebrate in a different way now that they took the final step.

Getting past the cliché expectations of what a honeymoon should be like is quite an achievement - and since it's a boat-load of money that's going to be spent, it might as well be on a trip that will create memories for a lifetime.

So whether it be snorkeling or mountain climbing, if it gets the adrenaline pumping - it's definitely worthwhile. Check out The Knot's take on the best new-agey adventure honeymoons.


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