Rise Of Wedding Costs Leads To Delays

Rise Of Wedding Costs Leads To Delays

In the UK, 10% of couples delay wedding for money reasons.

A survey recently done in the UK shows that the average cost of a wedding is £18,500 (or about $37,000 or a little less than one year at Duke University). And because the costs are so steep a whole lot of couples are delaying their nuptials. According to the survey 1 in 5 delay their wedding and half of those delay them because of funds. So roughly 10% of couples hold off on getting married because of cost. And another whopping 15% said they would never get married due to cost.

Evidently, the average UK wedding has become 4 times more expensive in the last 20 years (was £4,300). That thumps inflation pretty good. So why the increase in costs? In a word, flair. British brides may have caught a bit of the bridezilla from the US (or developed a new strain on their own). The ice carvings, orchestras, castles, and command Tom Jones performances really add up.

Unfortunately, they really don’t have a Las Vegas in the United Kingdom to elope to. We’ve been to Manchester and there’s no real comparison. We have a feeling that the $37,000 does not include the cost of the ring, so chuck another couple grand in there. Or the cost of an elaborate proposal. Or the honeymoon. Forget it. Getting hitched is too spendy.

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