Marriage Annulled: Husband Was A Woman

Marriage Annulled: Husband Was A Woman

After 7 years of marriage, the wife finds out that the husband is a she.

A very bizarre scenario is being wound down in Texas. A couple in Texas have just had their marriage annulled because the husband was secretly a lady. There were some other legal things going on but they lived for 7 years as a couple, raised 2 kids, and never thought to talk about this issue. A couple married for 7 years is now getting an annulment. It turns out that the husband was (and still physically is) a woman.

The wife (for simplicity’s sake) wondered about his odd bedroom behavior but decided to not ask any questions. Pretty bizarre, right? It gets a little stranger, the couple actually has a custody battle over their 2 children. The kids were conceived when the wife was in a previous relationship and the second was from artificial insemination. Things were going along fine until the wife bumped into a picture of the husband as a woman in an old yearbook. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The husband contends that the wife must have known, which reminds us of that scene in The Departed when Madolyn confronts Colin (Matt Damon) with the evidence of his corruption and he responds, “I thought we talked about this."

There are some other legal ins and outs in this case but we’ll spare you the details. If our knowledge of film gives us any expertise in this matter (and it doesn’t) we would say that cases of false gender end in 1 of 3 ways: 1) tragically (Boys Don’t Cry), 2) strangely (The Crying Game), or hilariously (Just One Of The Guys).

Honesty is the best policy. And also it's probably OK to check your spouse's gender at some point.

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