No Sleep Hurts Women’s Hearts

No Sleep Hurts Women’s Hearts

Lack of sleep for women is tied to some heart and personal problems.

Tossing and turning sucks. And it could be why people are choosing separate bedrooms. Or it could be the gadgets. But you get through it. You suck down a couple cups of coffee. You may even purchase ginseng pills from the local apothecary. But eventually, it’ll catch up. An experiment at Duke University studied 210 middle-aged men and women with no history of sleep issues. They found 40% of them were ‘problem sleepers’, i.e. it takes more that a half hour to fall asleep and they wake several times in the night.

The women with problem sleep had a much greater likelihood of cardiac issues. Sleep issues for women are associated with depression and anger problems. Then again, the problem sleep sounds like a symptom rather than the cause of the heart problems, depression, and anger.

This is a similar result to a study about marital fighting. That study revealed that aggressive arguing was hurtful to women’s hearts but relatively benign to men’s hearts. Maybe the ability to deal with lack of sleep and fighting is an evolutionary holdover for men. Maybe this is why Ambien and its competitors target women. And maybe more guys will take it upon themselves to get up in the middle of the night when baby is hollering. Forget it on that last one. That’s ridiculous, sorry, sorry everyone for bringing it up. Blah. What were we thinking?

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