Wear The Love

Wear The Love

Cool, meaningful necklaces for every gift-giving (or receiving) occasion.

If you (and your honey) think the gift-heavy holidays are safely behind you, think again.

The celebration of Irish heritage and beer consumption, St. Patrick’s Day, happens Monday. If that's not enough of a reason to give: Easter, Passover, Arbor Day, Teacher’s Day and Nurse’s Day are all on the horizon, and, that undeniable gift-giving holiday, Mother’s Day, arrives in May.

Now, before you (or he) break into a sweat, check out Dogeared, a California-based jewelry company, that produces adorable necklaces for every occasion and recipient. Delicate charms in gold or silver, such as wishbones, horseshoes, four-leaf clovers and “Karma” circles come on a chain or colorful string. The best part is that each necklace comes attached to a card explaining its meaning. (Note to word-wary men: this will definitely get you out of buying a store-bought card or attempting to craft something on your own.)

Some “love-able” favorites: the Love & Luck (pictured), the Commitment, two tiny rings on a chain with a card that reads “when it’s right, it’s right… ain’t love grand?” and the Love Note, a musical note charm with a card that says “Thank you for loving me, knowing me and inspiring me!”


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