Short Guys Are Romantically Jealous

Short Guys Are Romantically Jealous

A study suggests taller people are more confident around love rivals.

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, jealous? According to a study on jealousy and romantic rivalry conducted in Spain and the Netherlands, shorter men are more jealous and ill at ease around wealthy, fit, and handsome adversaries. To be fair, all men are a little nervous around rich, strong, good-looking men, but tall guys appear to feel less envious than shorter ones.

Our favorite short man in love experienced this same thing. Maybe the old "taller men have bigger feet therefore bigger ahems" thing helps tall guys feel good. The interesting thing is that tall men dominate men and are more attractive to women but tall women appear to dominate the medium women, while men find the medium women more attractive. So, if you’re keeping score at home: Tall men are respected by men and sought after by women; Average women are sought after by men; Tall women are respected by women; and short men and women and average men are out of luck. And British men like 'em hot, blonde, blue-eyed, and poor.

The best quote of the study; "Taller women are more dominant and have greater fighting abilities than shorter women.” This study appears in Evolution and Human Behavior. But it could have appeared in the book, Yep, That’s What I Figured.

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