Help Me Find My Queen

Help Me Find My Queen

White man searches for African American beauty

VH1 will begin production on the first interracial dating show, airing in the fall of 2008, says EURweb.com. Now, if you watch far too much television (like us), you'll probably say, What about Flavor of Love? Girls of every race, creed, and color fawn over Flav one season after the next.

This, however, is the first program dedicated to finding a Caucasian man his dream wife: an African American woman. Translation: This is the first of these reality dating shows to select contestants based on, first and foremost, race. Said white man, Tobias White, says he's always "dated black women. It just seemed a better fit for me."

White's ideal woman will not only be looking for a husband, but a few step sons. His two teenage boys will be employed on the show to "help him find his queen."