Tori Spelling’s Tell-All

Tori Spelling’s Tell-All

The Spelling Family Motto? Take No Prisoners. Tori Spelling has a telling tell-all titled sTori Telling: The Storied History Of Tori Spelling. Fine, the book is actually called just sTori Telling, but the marketing flacks at Simon Spotlight Entertainment were too good for alliterative rhyming.

Anyway, so her book takes us through the 90210 days and into her father’s final days. The highlights:

  • Some people slept with some people on 90210, but she was never involved in a threesome with cast members. No word on Kelly, Brenda, Valerie, or (shudder) Andrea Zuckerman.
  • She’s got a fake nose and fake breasts. No real shock there, right?
  • She was only left like $800,000 from her dad’s $500 million estate. No hard feelings there, we suppose.
  • She wrote the book while she and her mother Candy were still estranged. One of those famous Aaron Spelling, women slapping women montages would be perfect here.
  • She ratchets up the language from "friendship" to "affair" in terms of her mother’s ‘extra-curricular activity’ during Aaron’s final days. Them’s fightin’ words.
  • But she and her mother have reconciled and everyone’s okay, except Aaron. He’s still dead.
  • Donna Martin graduates.

Read more about the history of Tori’s storybook sTori at USAToday...

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