Dr. Laura is a Misogynist

Dr. Laura is a Misogynist

Women who hate women are just the worst.

I wasn't surprised to turn on 'The Today Show' and see Dr. Laura Schlessinger blame Eliot Spitzer's wife for his infidelity. After all, this woman has made a career out of selling out women. What I did feel was anger and sadness, not just for her comments but also for the fact that The Today Show felt the need to give her a national platform to spread her misogynistic rants.

Why does Dr. Laura hate women so much? Did the popular girls pick on her in high school? Did her mother not give her enough love? At this point, I don't really care about her motives, I just want her to shut up. Blaming a woman for her husband's infidelity is just one step away from blaming a women for being raped—they're both victims and should be treated with a degree of respect by the media.

Eliot Spitzer is fair game for all the jokes and media coverage since he was the one who broke the law, but his family should be off limits. Silda Wall Spitzer isn't a public figure; she's just married to one.

Here's hoping we've seen the last of Dr. Laura on this subject. Hopefully other media outlets will refrain from calling her soul mate in hate, Ann Coulter.


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