No Fuss Dating

No Fuss Dating

This website gives speed dating a whole new meaning.

There are a ton of internet dating venues out there from the all-inclusive Match.com to niche sites like Green Friends and FarmersOnly.com. But here's a different sort of niche made for "social, outgoing and adventurous people" as a solution for those times "you just want to go out immediately with reckless abandon!"

Brought to the web by the creators of OkCupid.com, Crazy Blind Date allows users to set up dates within short notice—sometimes as quick as 15 minutes.

All locations are public places chosen by CBD to ensure safety. And users are only allowed to contact their dates 30 minutes before schedule by texting through the the proxy CUPID (28743).

One user asked what her date was wearing, then avoided responding until she scoped him out first. "That way, if he was sketchy, I could just bail. The site would have frowned upon that, but a girl's got to keep her safety net."

Indeed CBD is keen on being courteous and insists on committing to dates for a minimum of 20-30 minutes. The website even has a system in place so that once dates are over, users can go back and rate their experiences.

For the purpose of comfort, CrazyBlindDate.com also offers the option of going on double dates with either a friend or stranger so other people can help break the ice and eliminate awkwardness.

While the dating pool may be relatively small right now—the site is barely 5 months old!—we think this is a fun idea for, at the very least, finding new friends.