Did Hulk Cheat With Friend Of Daughter?

Did Hulk Cheat With Friend Of Daughter?

Speculation has it that he wants a new fam with her daughter's buddy.

Say it ain’t so. Has Hulk Hogan become Lester Burnham (American Beauty)? Up until a few days ago, we would have thought that the only thing in common between the Terry Bollea (Hulk’s real name) and Kevin Spacey’s character is baldness. But it looks like Hulk has walked down that lonely road and into a relationship with Christiane Plant.

Plant worked as an assistant for the label that produces Hulk’s daughter’s music. From there she and Brooke Hogan became fast friends. She was a regular on family’s reality show Hogan Knows Best. That’s where things started. Apparently members of the crew knew that something was up between Christiane and Hulk but his kids (Nick and Brooke) and wife (Linda) were in the dark. She claims that they did not start seeing each other until after Linda and Hulk split. We know one thing, dating your kids’ friends never works out for anyone. It’s awkward in the near-term and would make weddings and family reunions intolerable.

Rumor has it that Hulk’s rationale for moving on is that he wants another kid to take his crown because his children have no interest in rasslin’. Hulkamaniacs have a new hope... but at what cost?

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