A Perfect Lady Is Pretty, Blonde & Poor?

A Perfect Lady Is Pretty, Blonde & Poor?

A survey in the UK came up with some interesting ideas of the perfect woman.

A recent study of 66,000 men in the UK revealed the characteristic of an ideal woman. She's blonde, blue-eyed, tallish, medium build, good in bed, and doesn't make too much money. That's odd. We thought making money was desirable. Maybe their's too much power attached to it.

A recent survey in Britland showed what men look for in the perfect woman: long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a low salary. Yep, British are all interested in cheerleaders from the Southeast or models/ actresses/ waitresses living in California. While intelligence was not mandatory, it was advocated that she be optimistic and have a “wacky personality.” And her work in the bedroom was more important than her work in the kitchen. The ideal weight is about 133 lbs with an average height. Back to the money thing, they want independent women but ones that earn between $20,000 and $50,000. Uh, you can’t be terribly independent in London for between $20 and $50k. But should this really be this big of an issue? Are dudes (Englishmen, at least) that threatened by a higher earning wife? Yes, it appears. So, if you do the math, it appears that Married… With Children’s Kelly Bundy (or possibly any character played by Ali Larter) is the ideal woman for a British man. They desperately need to do this survey stateside. Hopefully we can get a similar response (66,000 surveyed by www.ukdating.com). We think a Jessica Alba clone will “win.” We just hope no one tries to 'build' this ideal woman, Weird Science should be viewed as a cautionary and hilarious tale. Read more from the Telegraph