Some Oral Contraceptives Can Be Harmful

Some Oral Contraceptives Can Be Harmful

A study shows that a hormone in some birth control may have bad side-effects.

At first we were quite certain that they meant swallowing condoms was a bad idea and we can't agree more. It's unsafe and is pretty much the final step between drug enthusiast and drug mule. But they were talking about birth control containing the ingredient medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA).

MPA is a synthetic progestin and it’s found in Provera (and by extension the injection Depo/Provera). And you may remember it as the active ingredient that made researchers a little uneasy about postmenopausal hormone therapy. At any rate, a study at the University of Oregon found that it can decrease functionality of a blood vessel lining (vascular endothelium) that protects against atherosclerosis. The study’s co-author, Dr. Paul F. Kaplan, reiterated that a longer, broader study needs to be done before any conclusions are reached.

So, do yourself a solid and consult your physician if you’re nervous about anything.

Read more about the potential harm of MPA at ScienceDaily


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