Sexy, Smooth and Squeaky Clean


Get fresh fast with some behind-the-scenes multi-tasking.

Although I love the flowery, fruity, vanilla-cakey scents out there that aromatically illustrate what a girly girl I am, it's commonly known that men love simplicity. The popular opinion, as I've found, is that there's nothing like pulling a woman close and taking a big whiff of "clean".

"You know, that just-hopped-out-of-the-shower baby scent," one of my male friends explained, "I love that. It's just natural and effortless."

Little does he know how much it takes for us to lather, lotion, spritz and glam up - even if it does appear affortless. And in record time too! Victoria's Secret (as everyone knows, I'm quite a VS pusher) has this new line out this summer that's called Squeaky Pink, that include a Shower and Shave Body Wash. Save time, and lower your bottle count so there's less toppling in your shower caddy all while spoiling him with that fresh, beachy scent that lingers beyond bathtime...all the way 'til bedtime. Lucky him.