Pregnant Or Fat? Lisa Marie Sues Tabloid

Pregnant Or Fat? Lisa Marie Sues Tabloid

The King's daughter's feelings were hurt by accusations of weight gain.

Do you remember the SouthWest Airlines commercial in which a woman asks another woman how far along her pregnancy is? Only the woman’s not pregnant and the voiceover asks, “Want to get away?” We’re pretty sure that every person has envisioned this scenario at one point or another. And it keeps most of us from saying anything for fear of picking the wrong one. Sure you can tell most of the time but is it worth the risk? Asking someone if they’re pregnant when they’re fat is one thing but poor Lisa Marie was on the other end of this case of mistaken condition.

The King’s daughter was accused of being a “hunka hunka burning love” by the tabs and had to announce her pregnancy before she cared to. She was hurt by insinuation that she was following her daddy’s footsteps on the weight gain express. Ugh, celebrity in all its glory. Well, it looks like she’s had the exact opposite experience tabloid experience as Kate Hudson and Britney Spears. But somewhat invasive either way.

Is there a lesson from all of this? Not really. Just don’t assume someone is either fat or pregnant, irrespective of her marital status. This way, Lisa Marie won’t sue your ass. (Note: she's suing the Daily Mail).

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