Procreating Couples Urged To Quit Smoking

Procreating Couples Urged To Quit Smoking

March 12 is No Smoking Day and couples can participate.

Most people probably don’t know that March 12th is No Smoking Day. It hasn’t really gotten the same acclaim as Thanksgiving or Earth Day or Grandparents Day. But it is pretty important to some people. Namely anti-smoking advocates. And now they’ve roped in The Infertility Network UK. And this seems like a fantastic team-up, like Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk (or Eminem and Dr. Dre). We’re all for grown people making informed decisions about whether or not they should smoke.

But studies have shown that gestating and nursing babies are not really into tobacco. Things like low birth weights are a problem as are asthma and other development issues. Yeah, it’s hard out there for a pregnant lady. But what about the guy? He can smoke, right? Other than being sort of rude, it could hurt the actual baby-making effort. That’s right, smoking can lead to scared-y wang.

Unfortunately, this totally rules out a post-coital cig but from our understanding most sex for procreation (instead of recreation) is workmanlike and doesn’t really require a light afterwards. "I feel... so used."

Quitting smoking as a couple is a great way to come together. Do it for the kids!

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