Hair Warning

Hair Warning

1980s hair is making a comeback in the UK.

Leggings, oversized sweaters, high waists, even pleats have found their way back into our closets as refreshingly updated takes on classic 1980s styles.

Now, hold onto your hats -- or your hair, rather.

There's a big, bad '80s hairstyle making a comeback across the pond. It's not the mullet but the perm. And, as style tends to travel West, that means the chemically curled mop just might be landing on our doorsteps very soon.

A London Daily Mail reporter is fingering BBC police drama "Ashes To Ashes" for breathing new life into the otherwise dormant processing treatment. The main character, a female detective, travels through time back to 1981 after being shot in 2008. With the show named after a 1980 Bowie song, it's no surprise that the detective, pictured here, rocks the iconic 'do.

I wonder what Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker Patty Stanger would say about the nascent comeback. During a recent episode, she instructed potential female matches to straighten their curls for her big-bucked clients because men prefer straight hair that they can "run their fingers through."

As the owner of locks so straight and fine they've earned me the nickname LH for "Little Hair," I'd be inclined to disagree with Stanger in a classic case of wanting what one doesn't have.

Turns out, so would women in London, where one drug store reportedly has sold double the amount of home perm kits than it did during the same period last year.