Weight Loss Lessens ED Risk

Weight Loss Lessens ED Risk

Maybe men will take obesity more seriously if they know the side-effects.

More reason to lose weight, a study in Australia showed that many men do not know that excess fat can lead to erectile dysfunction and urinary tract problems. Another recent study showed smoking’s harmful effect on hard-ons. Two pretty good reasons to hit the gym and stop with the smokes. The doctors were conducting a study of reproductive, physical, and emotional health on 1,000 men.

The men interviewed had some idea of the cardiovascular and general health risks associated with extra fat but were dumbfounded that the there would be problems ‘down under.’ Yeah, it turns out that there are similar blood vessels in the heart as the penis. In fact, we’ve heard it said that ‘the penis is the barometer of vascular health,’ i.e. erection problems are often the manifestation of other health issues. Sure, it’s mostly Viagra ads that we hear this from, but what the hey?

We think a bigger problem for a particularly overweight person is the inability to see their dink. Step 1: Lose enough weight to actually see where you pee. Step 2: Think about the effort it took to lose the weight that allowed you to actually view your dong without a mirror. Step 3: Decide if it’s worthwhile to achieve enough weight loss to enjoy a good solid bone. Step 4: Profit.

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