Are Silda Spitzer & Jen Aniston Twins?

Are Silda Spitzer & Jen Aniston Twins?

They're Spit(zer)ing images of each other...with love lives to match.

Holy Spit(zer)ing Images: Is it just us or is Silda Spitzer a dead-ringer for a slightly older Jennifer Aniston? In all honesty, we can’t shake this doppelganger effect. And we’re wondering if there are some deeper, more direct link between the two. While our office came up with nada in the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, we did notice that both have a recent history of unfaithful dudes. While Eliot Spitzer allegedly strayed at a DC hotel, Brad Pitt broke loose on the set of Mr. And Mrs. Smith (with that whore, Angelina Jolie*). Coincidence? Who knows? We do know that these two could play a slightly time-delayed identity prank on drunk people. Or people with slight dementia. Or possibly at night. Either way they look way more alike than Amy Adams and Kristen Wiig from SNL. And we’re reasonably sure that Silda and Jen Aniston could put together a more convincing Parent Trap that Adams and Wiig.

*Note: We don’t think Angelina Jolie is a whore. Possibly a kook, but we’ve seen no evidence that she’s ever accepted finance for sex.

Oh, and evidently seeing a hooker is still frowned upon by our culture, so check out the NY Daily News story about this Spitzer guy being sorry about something or other…

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