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matt damon

Matt Damon & Djimon Hounsou are expecting, not with each other.

Evidently, someone else has been f*cking Matt Damon, his wife Luciana. The couple is expecting their second little friend. They already have a roughly 18-month old called Isabella and Luciana has a 9-year old (Alexia) from a previous gig. Awesome. Matty D and Luciana met when he was filming inarguably his crappiest movie, Stuck On You, in Miami. That guy must keep a fortune-teller on staff or just ask himself, “What would Benaffleck do?” before every major decision and just do the opposite. For instance, which was engaged to JLo? And who starred in PayCheck? A) How awesome would it be to have Matt Damon as your dad? Awesome, right? B) How awesome would it be to have Matt Damon as your step-dad? Like "winning the lottery” is our guess.

And Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee Simmons have decided to make a baby. Or maybe not decided but began the process nonetheless. Just a preface, we think Djimon Hounsou is a capital B Badass. Even in crummy movies (The Island, for instance) he carries himself with a maximum of confidence and, groan, gravitas. He’s like Samuel L Jackson would be if he ever saw a script he didn’t like. And sexy. Chicks dig him and dudes have a man-crush. And then there’s Kimora Lee. We’ve always given her the benefit of the doubt because Russell Simmons is one of the nicest, smartest, coolest dudes out there. He must know something, right? Who knows? While she may be a business genius (pioneered Baby Phat), but she’s sort of a ‘fierce, hot mess’ when she’s on TV. This will be her third child and his first, though we’re pretty sure, for some reason, that he’ll be a superb parent.

What’s up with all of these celebrities having kids these days? We’re pretty sure that we’re just getting past the phase in history that it’s still cool for celebrities to be wildly self-destructive and irresponsible. Or maybe our the definition of ‘celebrity’ has been diluted to the point that every sixth person is a celebrity and we’re bound to have a handful of pregnancies at any given moment.

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