Far Apart And Married By Proxy

Far Apart And Married By Proxy

Montana has a unique way to wed far-flung lovers.

Wow. And we thought long-distance relationships (LDRs) were tough. How about not being with each other to get married? That’s fine, ring up a Montana court and get it done by proxy. That’s right, Montana is the only state in the union that allows double-proxy weddings. For instance, if she’s in Fort Benning, GA and he’s in Falluja not a problem. A professional proxy bride and a pro groom will step in for you.

The law has been on the books in Montana for several decades (possibly a World War II vestige). But was recently changed so that one party had to be a Montana resident or an active duty military member. This is a great way for service members to ‘do the right thing’ when a pre-deployment ‘send off’ results in a pregnancy. And it’s also a great way for Montanans living abroad to make foreigners into citizens without all of the pesky ‘traveling to the United States.’

We’re actually a little surprised that every state doesn’t allow proxy wedding for service personnel. Sure the honeymoon would resemble a scene from the American Pie franchise, but who really cares? And how does one become a professional proxy? And do they ever accidentally fall in love?

Read more about double-proxy weddings at The News Tribune


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