Sienna Miller Is Engaged

Sienna Miller Is Engaged

The third time's a charm for boyfriend Rhys Ifans.

They say that the third time’s the charm. And that looks to be the case for Rhys Ifans’s effort to marry Sienna Miller (no relation). Sure, persistence is the hallmark of any great champion, but asking the same person to marry you three times is something else. No word on how Ifans proposed this time around but it had to have been a doozy to get the right answer. The whole thing is supposed to be under wraps but the Notting Hill star’s smit is palpable.

Rumor has it that the wedding will be low-key with only the coolest English Hollywood stars invited. Any theories out there why someone would make their ‘soul mate’ sweat like that? Is it a power thing? Do you want them to be ‘sure’ they know what they’re asking? In between proposals 2 and 3 are you quietly seeking other options ‘just in case’? Miller is currently playing the Baroness in a live-action GI Joe film, so this could all be part of a plan that results in global domination by Cobra.

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