The Money Match

The Money Match

How Cash Compatible Are You?

Turns out, how compatible you are could make or break your relationship. Stuff.co.nz reports that money compatibility has a bearing on not just how financially secure you and your significant other are—but how long your relationship lasts. With input from financial planner and author of the new book, Your Money Personality, Liz Koh, the piece profiles four money types. Herewith, the intro to each:
Hoarders: Are risk-averse and have a low desire to accumulate wealth. They are careful with what they have, and will only amass great wealth if they earn a lot…

Achievers: Are relatively conservative, but driven to achieve in life and to get rich. They are usually well-educated and well-read, and have highly paid professional jobs…

Entrepreneurs: Creators of wealth, who are prepared to takes risks to end up wealthy, and do not feel restricted by a lack of money…
Thrill-seekers: Life's gamblers, these are the big spenders and debtors of society, who prefer seeking new thrills, instant gratification and…

Which one are you? And your S.O.? For more on each personality and to find out if you have a chance at making it work, click here.