Gadgets Forcing Couples To Separate Beds

Gadgets Forcing Couples To Separate Beds

A study contends that gadgets in the the bedroom messes up sleep.

A study just conducted by the Sleep Council of Britain shows an interesting correlation between sleeping in separate beds and nighttime gadget use (not THAT kind of nighttime gadget use). They found that the average adult’s bed doubles as a communications center with 80% of precincts reporting use of computers and other electronics in bed. On top of that, the study says that 1/10 of couples always sleep in separate beds and ¼ of couples sleep separately regularly.

They surmise that busy bedtime routines (like checking email, sending texts, or listening to an iPod) are forcing couples to sleep apart. The study also shows that most people (6 of 10) feel very tired when they go to bed and half of people regularly feel tired enough at work that they’d like to go home.

The separate bedrooms thing has been trending up the last couple of years. We always assumed that it was a result of snoring, circadian rhythm differences, and possibly sleep sex. But what if the problem is that people have too much going on in the bedroom to possibly sleep. So, as an experiment, try a few nights leaving the TV and computers in the den and save the bedroom for sleep. And feel free to have sex in the kitchen or bathroom or a hammock. Note: a hammock is a really bad idea.

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